COVID testing in Delaware to include 8 to 10 pop-up sites

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COVID testing in Delaware to include 8 to 10 pop-up sites

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DOVER, Del. (AP) — Delaware's Emergency Management Agency is planning to add eight to 10 pop-up-testing sites each week that will respond to COVID outbreaks.

The Delaware State News reported Tuesday that those sites will change weekly based on data from the Delaware Division of Public Health. The state is still rolling out its new at-home test. These tests are mailed to to a person and then done over Zoom with a medical professional for instruction. They are then mailed to a lab with results expected in 48-72 hours. The state also has 19 permanent testing sites. They include Walgreens, State Service Centers and Public Health Clinics.

A full list of testing sites can be found on the state's website.



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