Delaware arcades petition for changes to reopening restrictions

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Delaware arcades petition for changes to reopening restrictions

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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – A group of Delaware arcade owners are collecting signatures for a petition.

They’re calling on Governor John Carney to rethink rules for reopening. “We’ve got an entire livelihood in this business, which it seems like by state mandate is on the brink of destruction,” said Zelky’s Arcade general manager Matt Weiner.

Zelky’s Arcade has been in business for about 35 years. Weiner says he’s facing a challenge that he never expected. He says he’s been able to collect over 750 signatures on his petition to Governor Carney. “They want us to space out all of our machines at least 6 feet apart, which realistically is unfeasible,” said Weiner.

Weiner says that if allowed to open, he plans to regularly clean surfaces, provide gloves for customers, and require mask. He says guarantees like that can’t always be provided at public machines like ATMs, or at essential businesses like supermarkets. “Especially when you look at things like loaves of bread. I’m sure that hundreds of people have gone and picked up that loaf to look at the expiration date, smelled it even, and put it back down on the shelf. That isn’t being sanitized regularly,” said Weiner.

For now, Weiner is hoping to gain public support as he waits for Governor Carney to respond. “We hope that this is going to be a way that people can kind of return to a sense of normalcy. I mean, people need some fun after all the stress of the past couple months,” said Weiner.

Weiner says that right now he’s waiting to hear back from Governor Carney’s office about his petition. 47ABC did reach out to the governor’s office, and did not hear back.


Courtesy: WMDT-TV