Frannie Esparza


This is Frannie, your newest personality at  The Vault …. Hanging out with Brian K. Hall on Rockin’ Mornings, heard every Monday through Friday from 6 – 10 a.m. on The Vault!

I am ​new to radio…I started hanging with the fellas a while back doing interviews as a Sales Executive for Harvard Business Services Inc and promoting my own business under Linda Vista Real Estate Services… and well… Here I am… I guess they like me and I have grown to love radio and interacting with our listeners.  I am a Delaware licensed realtor full time  and I like to start my mornings with some coffee..rock and roll …and a lot of laughing and I am glad to share with our listeners!! Its never a dull moment in the studio.

When I am not on air I am selling the American Dream of home ownership or hanging out with my evil mini me, my protege, my bff…  my lovely teenage daughter!! My motto: Don’t bother acting tame when you were born a Lion!!!

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