Rare Pikachu, Kobe’s sneakers — a hidden vault in DE guards it all

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The nondescript building somewhere in Delaware would probably not garner much attention if it weren’t for the razor wire and armed guards outside that hint at something important inside, possibly even valuable.

Fort Knox it is not — but the stash of collectibles at Collector’s Vault is undoubtedly worthy of protection. There’s a rare Pikachu card and a century-old one of baseball great Honus Wagner, which recently sold for $7.25 million in a private sale.

In all, $200 million in collectibles are stored in two vaults inside the building, equipped with some of the latest technology to keep the valuable cache safe from harm or thieves.


PHOTO INFO: A security guard opens a steel door leading into a vault containing hundreds of collectibles at Collectors Vault, a new company that is making it easier for collectors to store and trade memorabilia, on Oct. 21, 2022, in Delaware. The door is nearly two feet thick and is meant to protect the valuables from harm and thieves. (AP Photo/Davidde Corran)


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