Safety Tips to Help Prevent Vehicle Thefts

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Sussex County, DE – During the last week, the Delaware State Police have seen an increase in vehicle thefts in Sussex County, with many occurring in the western part of the county.

In an effort to help reduce the chance of becoming a victim, the following safety tips are offered as a reminder:

— Park in well-lit areas.

— Lock and secure homes and garage doors. Doors left unlocked allow vehicle theft suspects an opportunity to search for keys and steal vehicles undetected.

— Close and lock all windows and doors when you park. Most vehicle thefts can be prevented by locking your car doors.

— Secure your valuables. 

— DO NOT leave your keys in your vehicle. Keys and FOBs should NEVER be left in a vehicle, whether at home, work, or running errands. Take your keys with you!

— DO NOT leave your vehicle running unattended. Warming your car up on a cold winter morning or going inside a convenience store while your car is left running and unattended, make you vulnerable. A car thief is looking for these easy targets!

It only takes seconds for your vehicle to be stolen. However, you can prevent yourself from becoming the next victim by taking the necessary precautionary measures.


Source: DE State Police Newsroom

Written by: Editor

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