PRMC closes one COVID-19 unit, consolidating patients

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PRMC closes one COVID-19 unit, consolidating patients

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SALISBURY, Md. – Dr. Chris Snyder says Peninsula Regional Medical Center has seen encouraging signs of progress.

He says they continue have a steady flow of COVID-19 patients coming in each day but right now only about 30 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized there. Despite that, PRMC plans to keep the triage tent up outside but they are downsizing other areas in the hospital that were created to house coronavirus patients.

“We’re dropping our census which is great so consolidating patients like we talked about last week. We actually closed one of our COVID units which was great. We cleaned it and opened it to new cardiac patients,” says Dr. Chris Snyder, the Chief Quality Officer at PRMC.

Dr. Chris Snyder says they will continue to monitor for surges and he’s reminding people that social distancing is only part of the equation as things start to reopen. He says hand hygiene is also more important now than ever.


Courtesy: WMDT-TV