Definitive Steve Miller Band 'Ultimate Collection' set for October

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Definitive Steve Miller Band 'Ultimate Collection' set for October

Coming on October 27th is the Steve Miller Band's career-spanning Ultimate Hits collection.

The set, which has "been personally directed and curated" by Steve Miller himself, is available as a single-disc and digital edition featuring 22 tracks -- including three previously unreleased rarities. The double-disc version includes with 40 tracks, including the Miller Band's biggest hits, live tracks, and eight previously unreleased recordings.

Steve Miller spoke about the compilation in the album's press release, explaining, "Selecting material to include in these two collections and revisiting the creation of these recordings I’m reminded of how I learned to make multi-track recordings from Les Paul and play lead guitar from T Bone Walker. I’ve been blessed to work with so many wonderful musicians and engineers and friends over the years. Mostly, I want to thank you our fans who come out to our shows and listen to our records. I hope you enjoy this as much I did putting this together for you."

Although Steve Miller is known for keeping on top of all the latest musical technology both in the studio and on the road, he told us that digital is hardly his favorite medium for listening to music: "I prefer to listen to music on vinyl. And when digital first showed up. I thought it was really great, 'cause it was cleaner and there wasn’t tape hiss, and there wasn’t the crackily sound of the vinyl records. And I was over at a musicologist’s house -- a guy that had 10,000 singles. We sat around four about two hours listening to old 45’s -- the worst vinyl there is. Then, we were looking for one song, and he said, ‘Well, I don’t have it on vinyl, I have it on CD' -- and we put the CD on and it was, like, thin and transparent compared to the vinyl. So, vinyl's like a really juicy steak.”

The track-listing to the Steve Miller Band's Ultimate Hits double-disc collection is:

Disc One:

Steve Miller at age five talking to his Godfather Les Paul
"Gangster Of Love" (Live - Previously Unreleased)
"The Joker"
"Baby’s Callin’ Me Home" (Previously Unreleased)
"My Dark Hour"
"Little Girl"
"Living In The USA" (Live - Previously Unreleased)
"Space Cowboy" (Live - Previously Unreleased)
"Seasons" (Previously Unreleased)
"Journey From Eden"
"Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma"
"Going To Mexico"
"Kow Kow Calculator" (Live - Previously Unreleased)
"Come On In My Kitchen" (Live)
"Sugar Babe" (Live)
"The Lovin’ Cup" (Live)
"Dance, Dance, Dance"
"Take The Money And Run"
"Rock'N Me"
"Space Intro"
"Fly Like An Eagle"

Disc Two:

"Wild Mountain Honey"
"The Window"
"Take The Money And Run" (Demo - Previously Unreleased)
"In The Midnight Hour" (Previously Unreleased)
"Jungle Love"
"Jet Airliner"
"The Stake"
"Serenade From The Stars"
"True Fine Love"
""Heart Like A Wheel"
"I Want To Make The World Turn Around"
"Italian X Rays"
"Don’t Cha Know"
"Cry Cry Cry""
"Stranger Blues"
"Behind The Barn"