Salisbury seeing success in their fight against homelessness

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Salisbury seeing success in their fight against homelessness

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Almost a year in Salisbury is already calling it's housing-first approach to homelessness a success.  


Housing first launched in July of last year  to help ten chronically homeless individuals.   

City officials say that all ten are doing well and have become productive members of society.   

In 2016 the city invested $75,000 and this year thanks to expanding budget funds they'll be able to add 4 more vouchers which will help to provide relief for other families that are struggling.

"It has really been the only sense of hope that they've had in the course of their many years on the street - when you don't have a home you don't have dignity, you don't have a place to lay your head at night so you know, saying that it's the only hope that they've had in years is not an understatement," said Theo Williams the city's housing and homelessness director.

The city is asking for furniture donations to help furnish these homes. You can get more information by heading to