Ocean City Police Leave To Help With Inauguration In Washington D.C.

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Ocean City Police Leave To Help With Inauguration In Washington D.C.

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The Ocean City Police Department sent a small group of officers to help with security for the Presidential Inauguration.

Ocean City Police Department spokeswoman Lindsay Richard says, "We are sending a group of officers to assist in crowd control at the Inauguration."

 President Elect Donald Trump will be sworn in Friday and Ocean City police say it will be an honor. Richards says, "It is a real honor for our officers to help assist for the event."


Ocean City resident Lynda Johnson says the police officers deal with a lot all summer and she is proud to live in this community.

 Johnson says, "They do work very hard and I think that it is a huge honor. I am excited for them and proud." She adds,"If they can handle what they have here in the summer time.

 I think they're definitely up for the task."


The Wicomico County Sheriff's office and Worcester County Sheriff's will also be providing some of its deputies to attend the Inauguration.

 Johnson won't be attending Friday's celebration but hope is what is driving her to support the 45th President of the United States.

 Johnson states, "From an economic stand point, I'm really, really hoping that he can make some changes for us."

 The law enforcement officers will be deputized as U.S. Marshals in order to have arrest powers in Washington D.C.