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Here is a list of winners of races in Delaware:

U.S. Senate
Tom Carper (i), Dem

U.S. House - District 1
Lisa Rochester (i), Dem

Attorney General
Kathleen Jennings, Dem

Colleen Davis, Dem

Kathleen McGuiness, Dem

State Senate - District 6
Ernesto Lopez (i), GOP

State Senate - District 10
Stephanie Hansen (i), Dem

State Senate - District 18
David Wilson, GOP

State House - District 14
Peter Schwartzkopf (i), Dem

State House - District 20
Stephen Smyk (i), GOP

State House - District 35
Jesse Vanderwende, GOP

State House - District 36
Bryan Shupe, GOP

State House - District 37
Ruth King (i), GOP

State House - District 38
Ronald Gray (i), GOP

State House - District 39
Daniel Short (i), GOP

State House - District 40
Timothy Dukes (i), GOP

State House - District 41
Richard Collins (i), GOP

Sussex County Council - District 4

Douglas Hudson, GOP

Sussex County Council - District 5

John L. Rieley, GOP


Source: AP