A Veteran Needs Your Help

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A Veteran Needs Your Help

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(GEORGETOWN DE.)-Sussex County Veteran Parker Atwood

with his family and kids right now are staying at the Quality Inn in Georgetown but don't have the money to pay for another night.

"We are at a point where we can't do on our own anymore," said Mr. Atwood.

His wife Michelle Atwood and the family will have to check out at the Quality Inn at 11 a.m. if they don't get help.

"It is like a sinking feeling that is in your stomach and you at 11 their will be a knock and are you ready to go and you don't know what you are going to do."I can sleep in the car but my children can't sleep in the car," said Mrs. Atwood.

The family has been searching to find out what they are going to do since they were kicked out of where they were living.

"We ended up staying with one of our customers and were told in 15 minutes we had to be off the property and we have been staying at a motel ever since," said Mr. Atwood.

The Quality Inn and Joan Fox recognize the homeless problem and they try to do what they can.

"It is sad to say but in our area, there is a lot of homeless in the area and not just couples and single people but also families and it is becoming more predominant in our area," said Fox

Predominantly for several years, Atwood has had health problems and at times has not been able to work.

I had a heart attack and I was hospitalized in October and I have a blockage in the back of my knee."

To get through this situation the Atwood Family has relied on each other and GOD.

If you want to help the Atwood family you can call the Quality Inn at 302-854-9400.

Source: http://www.wrde.com/news-article/7564.htm