VAULT VIDEO - Tributes to the late Dr. John

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VAULT VIDEO - Tributes to the late Dr. John

Eric Clapton, Elton John and The Rolling Stones are among the many artists remembering Dr. John, the New Orleans singer and piano player who died last Thursday from a heart attack. He was 77.

Clapton, who rarely comments when he loses a friend -- and he has lost plenty of them -- dedicated "Tears in Heaven" to the Doctor during his show in Mannheim, Germany. He followed that up with a statement online, saying, "Oh my God, this is unbelievably bad news, he was such a great musician and singer, and most of all a true friend. I am devastated, I thought he would live forever."

Keith Richards says, "I’m so sad — Mac Rebennack [his real name]. We often played together a few times, many years ago now. We always had a great time. He liked to have a great time and so do I.”


Former Stones bassist Bill Wyman writes, "Dr. John will be sadly missed. He played piano on my first two solo albums in the 1970s, and we did a TV show together. We remained in touch to the present day."

Mickey Hart: "I've known Dr. John since our Grateful Dead days at the Carousel Ballroom back in 1968. To know him is to love him. May the four winds blow him safely home."

Michael McDonald: "Thank you Dr. John for coloring our world!"

John Fogerty: "Dr. John's music and legacy will forever be imprinted on my soul.”

Dave Davies: "A wonderful talent and inspiring musician and singer. A huge influence on his generation and beyond. He will be missed. Rest In Peace Dr. John."


Peter Frampton: "On behalf of myself, Jerry ShirleyGreg RidleyClem Clempson and Steve MarriottHumble Pie say goodbye to one our biggest influences. Thinking of you and your family Dr John. Rest In Peace."






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