VAULT VIDEO - the making of Jimmy Page's legendary guitars

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VAULT VIDEO - the making of Jimmy Page's legendary guitars

After teaming up with Fender for an amp that replicates the sound he used on Led Zeppelin's first album, Jimmy Page has four custom guitars coming out this year, too.


The Jimmy Page Artist Signature Telecaster guitars are modeled after the 1959 Fender Telecaster that Page used for Zeppelin's debut and the touring they did behind it. Page received the guitar from his Yardbirds bandmate Jeff Beck.

The Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster and the Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster will be available at select retailers for $25,000 each in March. The less pricey Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster will be out in the spring and the Jimmy Page Telecaster in the summer.




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Here is a quick look at the upcoming shows.