Facebook Posts Gets Shoplifter Arrested

Facebook Posts Gets Shoplifter Arrested

This past weekend, store owners in Berlin and West Ocean City

were on the lookout for a woman who police say shoplifted from at least three different stores.

Pamela Andrella from Akron, Ohio was caught stealing a bracelet from "Back East", a boutique in West Ocean City.

A store employee says Andrella stole it on a busy Saturday morning.

"Considering the circumstances and with us trying to hold a fundraiser here-vendors set up outside, it was a kick to the stomach knowing that she tried to do this, says store employee, Coralee Patterson."

Andrella was talking to the store managers mother as she discretely stole a gold linked bracelet.

After the woman left, managers say there were only two bracelets left.

The store owner, Nicole, wasted no time getting the word out on Facebook.

"It was important to get the message out and warn everyone this lady was a professional about how she did it. We wanted to post it to Facebook and get her face out there, says store owner, Nicole Chamberlain"

Nicole's idea worked. Within hours of the Facebook post, a store owner in Berlin noticed the same lady who stole from Chamberlain's store--in her store.

At that point local store owners believed she had already shoplifted from 4 other stores in Berlin and West Ocean City.

Andrella was arrested for shoplifting . She has a court appearance on November 3rd.

SOURCE: http://www.wboc.com/story/36522995/facebook-posts-gets-shoplifter-arrested