Assawoman Bay gets cleaned up by good samaritans

Assawoman Bay gets cleaned up by good samaritans

If you were near Fager’s Island in Ocean City on Sunday, you may have seen an unusual sight on the water.

Dozens of paddle boarders and kayakers took to the Assawoman bay to collect trash.

Kerry Brennan, an Ocean City visitor, said, “I know how much trash gets dumped into the bay over the summer, between all of the bars and everything else, so I was like, it’s going to be a beautiful day, I’m going to come out and try to pick up some trash and get a nice paddle board ride while I’m at it!”

The idea to hold an Assawoman Bay clean-up event came to OC SUP and Fitness worker, Jessica Wineland, while she was paddle boarding. Wineland said, “I was out a couple of weeks ago and I was just paddling by myself and there was a lot of trash around and I pulled up on the beach and there was a big tire and I couldn’t get it out by myself, and I thought it would be a good event for everyone to come out and help.”

Local paddle boarders and kayakers were glad to help out.

Page Rogers, a OC SUP and Fitness instructor, said, “We actually make a little adventure out of it. We like to call it treasure hunting. We’ll go and look for treasure.”

All kinds of trash ends up in the bay. Rogers said, “There’s a lot of straws or cups and all kinds of debris or even old bouys that get washed up.”

Volunteers added that they found some pretty bizarre objects in the bay on Sunday, like a bike rack and a car tire.

OC SUP and Fitness said they hope Sunday’s Bay clean-up will become an annual event. Rogers said, “The more the community gets involved, and the more bodies there are, the more conscious people will be to, you know, throw their trash in the proper places and do their part to help the environment.”

Volunteers said they hope Sunday’s effort would help protect and preserve wildlife.

Source: WMDT